Remembering Nina

Nina lying down

Many people know Nina from the tragic circumstances that surrounded her death on July 2, 2005. Her story made worldwide headlines and has been covered by many media outlets. These accounts, however, seem to focus on the events that led to her death and fail to describe the daughter I knew.

I have chosen not to speak publicly about Nina or her death for personal reasons. This website is my way of honoring Nina and remembering who she was. I welcome you to browse this website and celebrate her unique spirit and life.

Chris Hilt, Nina's Dad

UPDATE [10-APR-2010]:I am extremely disappointed with the way Nina's temperament has been presented in the past couple of years. The recent news articles are no exception. They present Nina as a violent, out of control child. I think this is based upon a single viewpoint, one that I do not share. I decided to update the "About Nina" section to share my own observations of Nina's behaviors. Please take a moment to read this page.

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